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CCLax practice is canceled - 10/25

While hoping this rain would change its start time to later, it went to earlier instead . . . bummer!

Today may be the payback for the glorious weather we have had on Sunday mornings this fall.


To see what the CClaxers have been up to . . . . click the NEWS tab above!

Let's play a little lax !!                  ~ Time lapse photo by Pelle Cass

Let's play a little lax !! ~ Time lapse photo by Pelle Cass



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CCLax is a very comprehensive, multi-faceted development program that provides teaching and coaching instruction along with year-round playing opportunities for girls in an atmosphere that generates a positive and competitive environment for all who surround women’s lacrosse.

Recognized as one of the premier clubs in the US, Chesapeake Club Lacrosse will select girls in grades 4 -11. CCLaxers will compete in 4 fall, 5 summer tournaments & others during the year.

Seasoned and respected teachers, focused year round on developing dedicated athletes, will coach them to compete on the playing fields of lacrosse and life.  

Our goal is to help you reach your potential so you will shine both on & off the field. We will teach you the game, guide your decision-making on the field and encourage your camaraderie and laughter every step of the way.

Fall Quote

Wanna know my favorite part of the game?

The opportunity to play!

 ~ Mike Singletary


       Better an oops than a what if 

        Talent sets the floor,
       character sets the ceiling.                         
Bill Belichick                                               

        Don't practice until you get it right,
        practice until you can't get it wrong.                           

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